mercoledì 5 febbraio 2014


Three days ago I broke my knee… I still have to realize it!Why are you laughing? It happened… and there is a good reason.Have you ever heard something about Epiphany tradition in Pitigliano?Here in Italy we are used to meet the Befana on 6th children and coal to bad ones…Especially in Pitigliano, the Epiphany is too important. Almost all local people are used to mask,populating as drunk wandering the wet medieval alleys of the city of tuff.So, dear reader... this year, I decided to join the event, wearing Befana’s mask.A long patched skirt (archaeological finds from my Grandma’s Ida attic), a big shirt plaid (quite horrible), black shawl of my neighbour Gianna (please don’t say anything, I screwed that!) and a rag on my head to cover my bleached flour hair. Stick to the right and a bowl of wine in the other hand, I joined the procession of January 6th like a drunk among the streets and countries of Pitigliano...You should have seen me, dear friend! I looked great! Because of folkloristic colours, the town looks like a fairy world... it almost seems to be catapulted into a time never ended, where the clock doesn’t beat the seconds and people forget their troubles. They're all too busy to sing and have fun, giving sweets to children and smiling at life ... because the life is beautiful dear reader! You should really try, mate. Why don’t you come with us next year to get dressed? Are you shy? Ok,follow us across the streets to have fun! I'll be waiting for you!
P.S. I forgot to tell you what happened to break my knee...
You know, in the euphoria of the moment, I put the shoes on the other hand ... and I tripped!

Ok… you can laugh now!

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